Wednesday 13 "Stage Frights" - Omen Amen

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Wednesday 13 "Stage Frights" - Omen Amen

The second 7" figurine in the Wednesday 13 "Stage Frights" series. The Devil's got a new recruit...Omen Amen! Limited to 100 pieces, handcrafted and signed by both The Duke of Spook himself and the creator! Comes in a protective clamshell.

There will be a variant of the figurine only available on the "Hell Has No Mercy" tour January 24, 2020 - February 22, 2020 with The 69 Eyes, Sumo Cyco and The Crowned! Get out there, show your support for the bands and grab yourself a VERY limited variant of Omen Amen!

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**International customs paperwork will now show a $0 value in hopes it will ease the duty burden.
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